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//How To Tell If You Have Clogged Drains

How To Tell If You Have Clogged Drains

Keeping an eye on these early warning signs in your drains will help you avoid any blocked drain disasters!

Don’t wait until it’s too late where you toilet won’t flush or the sink is overflowing. Be aware of the symptoms of blocked drains so that you can address the blockage as soon as it begins, this will save you on time, money and stress!

Noisy Drains

A blockage is stressful on your pipe network, causing your drains to rattle or shake as water attempts to flow through. If a blockage is located close to the surface, the noise will sound like it is close. If the obstruction is further down the drain, it may be harder to hear unless you are using multiple sinks or showers at one time. If you hear noises in your pipes, something is wrong, contact a blocked drain specialist to investigate and repair immediately.

Smelly Drains

Drain blockages act as a trap for anything that falls into your sink or shower. All the water, hair, food particles and more that falls down your drain will eventually build up on top of the blockage making it bigger. The longer you ignore a drain blockage, the bigger it will become. Having a buildup of objects like food and grease will produce a strong smell which will seep through your drain. A smelly drain is not only uncomfortable to live with, but it is also a clear indication that you have a blocked drain.

Slow Drains

Is water draining slowly in your sinks, toilets and showers? A slowly draining water is one of the most common signs Canberra homeowners notice when they have a drain blockage. It is so common that we often push it aside as not being too serious. Unfortunately, the longer you leave a slow draining sink, the worse a blockage will get. If you ever notice water draining slowly in your homes drains, call a professional to have this issue inspected and cleared up.

Toilet Water Levels

A clogged drain can affect your household’s toilets too. You may notice that after you flush, water rises higher and takes longer to drain, or you may see lower levels of water in your toilet bowl. These are both clear signs that you have a blocked drain which needs unblocking. Toilets always flush at the same speed, so if you notice a difference in the way your toilet is flushing, you presumably have a clogged drain. Get in touch with a blocked drain professional to have this issue repaired immediately. Don’t leave this issue until it’s too late, severely blocked toilets are a messy and inconvenient problem.

Drain blockages can build up slowly until you have a blocked drain emergency which is a hazardous, stressful and uncomfortable situation. Keep an eye on your plumbing and if you notice any warning signs, act immediately. Don’t let a small clog build up into a significant problem; a licensed Canberra blocked drain plumber is the solution to all your blocked drain problems.

Canberra Blocked Drains can handle all your drain plumbing needs, so you don’t have to. These issues can be challenging and inconvenient for the average Canberra household to repair on their own. Our team of Blocked Drain Specialists can clear your drains quickly and easily. Contact us 24/7 or book online for the local blocked drain professionals.

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