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Acid Treatments

Canberra Blocked Drains Services clears blocked drains with our acid treatment service.

A professional acid treatment can clear minor drain blockages caused by hair, soap or grease. Canberra Blocked Drains has a team of expert blocked drain specialists who have been trained to deal with many different types of blockages as well as many various drain cleaning techniques.

Canberra Blocked Drains Services uses an industry level acid chemical to clear drain blockages. As acid treatments contain harmful chemicals, our specialist technicians use the correct safety gear and equipment to ensure the process is safe for your drains and your household. Professional plumbing acid treatments contain either sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, because of these harmful chemicals they aren’t available to the general public and are only sold to licensed plumbers. Canberra Blocked Drains Services has the proper training to use these acid treatments, combined with expert equipment, this allows us to provide a professional service every time.

Taking into consideration the type of blockage that you are facing before using acid treatment to clear it is essential. Using acid treatments on minor obstructions caused by things such as hair, grease or soap can be useful. However, more severe blockages like tree roots or blockages that are located too far down the drain, an acid treatment may not be the best option. It is also crucial to take into consideration what material your drains are made from as certain types of pipes can react badly when they come into contact with the chemicals used in the acid treatments.

The team at Canberra Blocked Drains Services have the training and experience to know whether an acid treatment service is the best option for you drain blockage. Get in touch with us for professional drain cleaning services in Canberra and the surrounding areas.



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    How It Works

    Using the proper safety equipment, a blocked drain specialist will use industry strength chemicals on the affected drain. These chemicals can break down common objects that cause drain blockages such as hair, soap and grease allowing your drains to be freed. Once your drain has been cleared, your blocked drain specialist will ensure your drains are in good condition, including making sure that no harmful chemicals remain in your drains.

    Service Process

    After a licensed blocked drain specialist has assessed your situation and has decided that acid treatment is the best solution to your blocked drain problem, they will carry out the service. Once the plunger has successfully cleared the blockage, the technician will take measures to confirm that the pipe is entirely free. Get in touch with us for professional drainage plumbing.


    No Interest ever finance plans are offered through Ezi-Pay at Canberra Blocked Drains Services to make things easier for you.

    Have a blocked drain that needs clearing immediately? Canberra Blocked Drains can use acid treatments to clear these issues for you, and with our no interest finance plan, you can choose to have the service completed now and pay later.



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