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Pipe Relining

Canberra Blocked Drains pipe relining service is an excellent solution to damaged pipes and drains.

We are more than just your drain unblockers. We are Canberra’s drainage specialists with a broad range of services under our belt. Over time, pipe and drain networks can become damaged due to many reasons. You may have tree roots growing into your drains, blockages in sewer systems and over time your pipes can become damaged. Clay pipe networks are highly susceptible to cracking and collapsing, and they are especially vulnerable to suffering damage and intrusion by tree roots. Drain systems must remain unimpaired so that water flows unrestricted. Debris and objects such as tree roots can impair the path of the piping system and cause major alignment issues and fractures. Once this occurs, it can create water buildup and potential flooding to surrounding areas of your home.

In the past, the only available solution for resolving pipe damage and other related issues was complete excavation and removal of the affected pipework followed by installation of new pipes which is a costly and incredibly disruptive process involving specialist excavation machinery and experienced contractors. Pipe relining provides a reliable and economical solution to the issue of cracked and damaged pipes. The team here at Canberra Blocked Drains Services has specialised equipment and the expertise to renew and re-line damaged areas and even full pipelines, saving you considerable time, disruption, and money.



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    How It Works

    The Canberra Blocked Drains pipe and sewer relining service involves carefully inserting a seamless, flexible textile liner and bladder into the drain. The liner and bladder are pulled into position ensuring to span over the damaged section of your pipe. Compressed air is then used to expand and inflate the bladder forcing the liner to conform to the internal bore of the drain. The liner is then left to cure within the drain to create a pipe within the existing pipe. Once the coating has cured, the bladder is then deflated and removed leaving a newly created liner in place.

    Service Process

    After an assessment of your pipe or sewer network using our CCTV drain camera technology, we can locate the source of the problem in your pipe system. If there are any blockages present, we will clear these first before we undergo the re-lining process with our drain cleaning services like hydro jetting or electric jet drain cleaning. Once the re-lining process is complete, we will conduct another CCTV drain camera inspection to ensure the pipe is ready for use and the lining has completely covered the damaged areas.


    No Interest ever finance plans are offered through Ezi-Pay at Canberra Blocked Drains Services to make things easier for you

    Do you have damaged drains which need repairing? Canberra Blocked Drains Services can use our professional pipe relining service to repair these issues for you, and with our no interest finance plan, you can choose to have the service completed now and pay later.



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